Newsletter march 2021

1. Subsidy Monumental residences (RCE)

In collaboration with VvE Beheer Groep, the annual report for 2020 is being prepared. This report includes an overview of the maintenance costs of the National Monument “Jobsveem”. Based on these costs, owners can apply for a subsidy from the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE). The board plans to have the data available in early April. Owners have time until the 30th of April to apply to the subsidy. More information will be provided.

2. Maintenance works

a As we wait to receive the required permit from Monuments and Historic Buildings, the moisture content of the masonry facade has been sufficiently reduced and a test sample has been approved allowing a part of the South end facade to be sprayed with a water-repellent layer to the masonry. In order to prevent further leakage in the aparments on the backside, these works are deemed necessary and were originally not included in the budget for 2021.

b The leakages around the central atrium have also not yet been resolved. Probable causes are: insufficiently high roof covering, causing rainwater to get behind the construction also affecting existing wooden structures elements. The work in question will be carried out as soon as possible and depending on the weather conditions.

c. The automatic doors on the ground floor have been a major concern for some years now. Much has already been renewed and adjusted, but the electronics continue to be a source of surprise.

d. The overhaul of the tilting windows in the atrium, on the North façade and of the doors on the landings is largely completed. There are still about 8 apartments where, apart from normal maintenance, extra work has to take place. The owners of these apartments will receive further information about this. A new inspection round will take place in 5 years.

e. The work on the tiles in the atrium is completed; where necessary, tiles have been laid tightly and brushed off.

3. Elevators

The progress of the preparations for the installation of the new lifts has been delayed due to necessary consultation about the applicable norms and standards of the inspecting authorities (Safety Region and Lift Institute).

By the end of July when this issue is resolved, the lift in the North atrium will be first tackled; As soon as the schedule is known, you will receive more information.

4. Other attention points:

- Legionella inspection in water pipes.

-Investigation for alternative options for closing of the outside door in the ground floor.

5. Containers room

Often waste is deposited next to the designated containers inside the waste container rooms. Here a friendly reminder to dispose the waste in the appropriate manner.

6. Access doors to corridors

Due to fire safety reasons, all access doors to the corridors need to remain closed at all times. Often times these doors are kept open by means of ropes. Here an urgent request to everyone to maintain the doors closed at all times. Together we are all responsible for the safety of the building and for the compliance to all safety requirements.

7. Finances

a. The collection of the advance contribution for the financing of the lifts went well. On January 31, 2021 (the deadline for payment), 95% of the contributions had been already received.

b. The activities in the context of the leakages and the further associated costs threaten to exceed the budgeted items in the MJOP (Long team maintenance plan) and Budget 2021. The board will therefore request approval for additional expenditure at the next general meeting.

8. General meeting

The board proposes to have the next general meeting on May 11 at 20:00 hrs. Similar to last year, this meeting will take place online. Everyone will receive an invitation to join the meeting including the related attachments.

9. Board members

The board is looking for two new board members. Are you interest or wish to have more information, do not hesitate to contact Dorine den Herder: 0615391268.

Should you have any additional questions, please send an email to

Kind Regards,

The board of VVE St Job,

Hans van der Werf Chairman

Rick van Kippersluis Scribe

Dorine den Herder Secretary

Aad van Vliet Technical Matters

Christian Bakker Candidate Chairman

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